Nexus 7 2016 Rumors, Spec & Release Date: New Models To Be Unveiled In May?

By Kamal Nayan - 14 Mar '16 13:23PM

Google has been working on their Nexus 2016 line up to add a new tablet, according to latest rumors. The upcoming tablet could be manufactured by Chinese tech giant, Huawei.

The discounts given to customers on the current Nexus products seem to be a good indication that something is coming up. Fans are almost sure that it will be the Nexus 7, writes  Christian Times.

As of now, Nexus 5X with the 16 GB internal storage is being sold in the market at a discounted price of $199. The higher version of Nexus 5X, which has a 32 GB storage capacity is also available at a discounted rate of $249. Reportedly the discounts will go on until April 7.

Rumors also suggest that Huawei will make an official announcement during this year's Google I/O Conference in May.

As early as last year, rumors have emerged saying that Google has a new Nexus tablet blueprint that will produce a compact and premium tablet. The device is aimed to end the iPad monopoly and that a Chinese manufacturer will be a partner to the project. Huawei is said to have been picked for its impressive work on the Nexus 6P. For now, the device is codenamed Nexus 7 2016 as it is likely to sport a 7-inch screen profile, reported Yibada.

Google's 2016 I/O Developers Conference will kick off May 18, where it will likely introduce the Android N or version 7.0 final cut.

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