GoPro Hero 5 Release Date And Rumors Update: Drone Capability, 8K Shooting And Everything You Need To Know

By Kamal Nayan - 11 Mar '16 13:11PM

GoPro Hero 5 release date might have been pushed to October, in time for the holidays, according to rumors. The action camera could feature drone capabilities and 8K shooting support.

Yibada earlier reported that the GoPro Hero 5 would be launched early 2016, but the rollout was set aside as the company shifted the focus to the its first-ever action drone, the Karma. Rumors suggest that the company will release Karma first, followed by the Hero 5.

As this places the release date to be in either May or June, the industry follower believes that GoPro will launch the Hero 5 toward the end of the year, possibly by October. An October launch is plausible as this would be an ideal time because of the upcoming the holidays, Christian Today reported.

Rumors indicated that the Hero 5 would have outstanding underwater shooting capabilities. It is believed that the GoPro Hero 5 will deliver underwater shooting at a depth of 60 meters, which would be a 300 percent improvement over the existing GoPro Hero 4, Value Walk reported.

The action camera could also shoot in 8K video format, as 4K has become really mainstream. Rumors also suggest of a dual-lens camera, which will enable the action camera to capture both 3D images and video, ensuring that GoPro consumers can film their own 3D productions.

GoPro Hero 5 may also have the capability of shooting videos at 60 frames per second across numerous resolutions. 60 frames per second is becoming a standard across various forms of media, and it will be excellent news for action camera fans that this is being made a central aspect of the GoPro Hero 5, Value Walk added.

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