Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Rumors and Specs News: Rechargeable Surface Pen, 4K Resolution Display and More

By Kamal Nayan - 09 Mar '16 12:37PM

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date could be as early as October, according to rumors. Notably, during the same time, the Surface Pro 4 was released. The hybrid laptop may also have a pricing range similar to that of its predecessor. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to improve in terms of battery life, as the Surface Pro 4 is good for only 5 hours and 15 minutes on the video setting. Considering that Microsoft promises 9 hours on the current Surface Pro, those numbers for the Surface Pro 5 should get up there for at least 7 hours of battery life, Gospel Herald reported.

Surface Pro 5 Pricing Details

The base model with an Intel i5 is said to start at $899, the one with an i7 at $999, and $1,599 for an i7 Extreme. Price will go up with the additional storage space and other sorts of configuration.

Patently Mobile had reported in January that the Redmond tech giant had filed a patent of  rechargeable stylus and reportedly, it might debut with the upcoming Surface Pro 5. According to the images, the alleged Surface Pen will feature an on/off button, an indicator light, a built-in rechargeable battery and charging terminals. The charging terminals are placed on the stylus' housing and will be in a form of a ring that wraps around the upper portion of the pen, Christian Today reported.

Surface Pro 4 already has 2.736 x 1,824 pixels, but the Surface Pro 5 could come with 4K resolution, allowing the user to watch rich 4K content on a tablet. Rumors also suggest that the Surface Pro 5 will have a screen size of 13.3 inches, which also happens to be the size of most laptops. 

We will have to wait to see if these rumored features are true.  Most of the rumors of the release date point to either June 2016 or October 2016, it will probably be the later date, as October 2015 was the release date for the hit Microsoft Surface 4, noted Gospel Herald.

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