George Clooney Considers Amal Alamuddin As A Source Of Joy In His Life; 'I've Never Been Happier'

By Jenn Loro - 23 Feb '16 11:25AM

George Clooney gushed about her wife, human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin in a recent interview and told the world how much joy she brought in his life.

"I've never been happier. Both professionally and personally. From the first day I met Amal, I began preparing for the most important phase in my life. For me there is no greater joy in the world than the idea that we're going to stay together. Never did I ever dream that I would have such a beautiful, successful and fulfilling life and also be able to find a woman as wonderful as Amal," he told UK's Ok! Magazine as mentioned by Design and Trend.

Then and again, the Hail Caesar! actor reiterated that the 38-year old lawyer's intelligence made him adore her more.

"She's much smarter than me. The only thing I might be better than Amal at is arm wrestling. But it's always good to surround yourself with intelligent people, which in my case is not particularly difficult. But smart women have never worried me," he told the magazine.

Since the first three months of being a couple, rumors have already haunted their marriage. The most recent claiming that the UK-raised lawyer dislikes the actor's close friends and business associate, Randy Gerber and wife, Cindy Crawford, Korea Portal said.

"The insider revealed that Amal thinks Rande is just an older version of a frat boy and is a bad influence on George," a source said.

The A-list celebrity, however, does not want to lose his friends and thus had fired back at Amal and had ended up threatening her with a divorce.

The Clooneys are also subject to pregnancy rumors with source speculating whether the human rights lawyer will have the chance to bear kids or not.

However, during his media interaction at the Good Money Gala in Amsterdam, the 54-year old actor slammed the rumors, in his usual joking manner.

"No. But I like that you started that rumor," he said as mentioned in IB Times.

Meanwhile, in last week's interview at the Ellen Degeneres Show, George Clooney shared how his wedding proposal to Amal Alamuddin went 'horribly wrong' but luckily, she said yes in the end.

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