Boston Teacher Killed By Hurtling Manhole Cover

By Peter R - 14 Feb '16 18:30PM

In a freak tragedy, a 35-year-old art teacher in Boston was killed when a 200-pound manhole cover crashed into the car's windscreen during rush hour commute.

According to Fox News, Caitlin Clavette, who taught at Glover Elementary School, was driving through Thomas P. O'Neil tunnel when the incident had occurred. The Honda SUV she was driving went a hundred feet ahead before coming to a stop. The manhole cover reportedly went through the windshield and exited the car from its rear.

According to personal injury lawyers quoted by Boston Globe, the manhole cover may have been dislodged by a heavy vehicle like a truck. Traction between a big vehicle's tires and the lip of manhole could have turned it into a deadly projectile. The police or the transport department has not officially explained how the cover caused fatality.

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker termed the incident incredibly bizarre, according to ABC News.

Following the incident, the transport department examined nearly 500 manhole covers on area highways. The cover which caused Friday's tragedy was last examined and certified functional in 2014.

Though the police did not officially reveal the victim's identity, the Glover Elementary School released a statement lamenting the loss of one of its faculty. The school is expected to hold a meeting for parents to offer guidance for parents who wish to discuss Clavette's death with their children.

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