Celebrating Lent: Things You May Want To Give Up

By Jenn Loro - 11 Feb '16 11:43AM

Ash Wednesday falls this week and has marked the start of this year's Lent. The Lenten season is the time for sacrifice and fasting from the most pleasurable things in the world. So, what are you going to give up for this year's Lent?

According to a survey of Twitter posts conducted by openbible.info via Independent UK, most Twitter users would want to eliminate momentarily these top three things: chocolate, social networks and alcohol in the entire 40 days of this holy season.

These answers, however, do not guarantee seriousness of the Twitter user nor the survey tried to gauge the honesty and sarcasm of the answers. In fact, some chose dropping out from school as something they want to give up this Lent, a very funny but unrealistic answer.

Here are the answers to complete the top 10 things Twitter users would give up during Lent. These are (1) chocolate, (2) social networking, (3) alcohol, (4) Twitter, (5) Facebook, (6) School, (7) meat, (8) sweets, (9) coffee and (10) fizzy drinks.

If you ever wonder how it feels like to give up on sugar in the entire Lent, Life Hacker reported that some had experienced the 'reversal of altered dopamine signaling.' This means that, after forty days without sugar, one may think that sugar is too sweet that he/she may have a withdrawal symptom towards it.

"I remember eating my first sweet and thinking it was too sweet. I had to rebuild my tolerance," a man named Andrew who fasted from sugar in the entire Lent said.

Meanwhile, Ash Wednesday in the UK is celebrated on February 10, a day before Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day wherein people indulged in the most sinful amounts of sugar, eggs and milk before the fasting season, Telegraph reported.

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