Google Gives 2G Free Storage Among Google Drive Users

By Jenn Loro - 11 Feb '16 09:21AM

To mark the annual Safer Internet Day, Google is offering 2GB of free drive storage to users who completed account Security Checkup. The checkup is a security measure to ensure that the Google account holder's recovery information is updated and to give the user a run through of all the devices associated with his or her Google account.

The easy and quick two-step verification process usually takes just a few minutes to finish unless the user notices something unusual or obviously wrong with the account.

The search engine giant made the public announcement on February 9. Just like last year, complying Google's request to do a general walkthrough of one's account can go a long way in protecting oneself against untoward incidents of account hacking, privacy breaches, and other related problems.

"[This is the] moment for technology companies, nonprofit organizations, security firms, and people around the world to focus on online safety, together," reads Google's statement as quoted by Tech Republic.

The yearly Safer Internet Day campaign has been organized by European advocacy network Insafe to "promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world," the campaign's official website reads as quoted in part by PCMag.

Today, the internet is increasingly becoming the most predominant means of modern communication. In this information-driven environment, user safety has become an imperative for both Google and Insafe.

In line with Google's commitment for better account security for its users, it has added a padlock alert to Gmail users to keep them safe from potential harmful messages that hackers often use to covertly sneak into private accounts. The red padlock sign is located next to the sender's email address to warn the receiving person of the impending danger that the message brings as mentioned in a report by Daily Mail.

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