iPhone 7 Rumors: New Model May Has Camera With Two Lenses And Extended Wireless Charging

By Jenn Loro - 07 Feb '16 18:01PM

News of exciting iPhone 7 features is currently circulating in rumor land which gets tech buffs upped and wondering. But Apple's new handset won't be officially released until seven months from now so fans are rather advised not to get too wildly excited with all the sketchy and, in some cases, outlandish reports of new iPhone designs. Nevertheless, some of the claims might be partly or entire accurate, so let's try to dig in to what others are saying.

In an article written by Jacob Kleinman for TechnoBuffalo, analysts and fans alike have been imagining what a reinvented iPhone would look like imbued with a concept design that includes extremely cool features like wireless and solar charging, waterproof design, two lens-camera, special software suited for underwater photography, 5-inch display for immersive gaming and video experience, and a sleek 3mm semi-transparent new liquid metal cover.

In another speculative report by MacRumors, Apple is likely to continue putting more powerful and efficient processors that become thinner with every new design it creates. Gadget observers expect the iPhone maker to place TMSC-produced next-generation A10 processors to combine functionality and chicness.

Pressure is mounting for Apple as it gets an even fiercer competition from Korean rivals Samsung and LG. Taking on Apple's iPhone 6 series and an incoming iPhone 7 models are Samsung's Galaxy S7, LG G5, and Galaxy Note 6 as mentioned by Josh Smith in a report he wrote for a tech review site, Gotta Be Mobile. Reviews of these devices have been equally outstanding so Apple cannot relax in a cut-throat industry where innovation is the only way forward to survive.

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