ISIS Released Still Video Showing Faces Of Paris Attackers

By Jenn Loro - 26 Jan '16 10:05AM

Islamic State or ISIS has recently released a video showing the terrorist operatives behind the November Paris attacks which caught the world by surprise.

ISIS is fast becoming the most recognizable global franchise of terrorism with a penchant for violence amplified into the receptive minds of its vulnerable audiences with the effective utilization of various social media platforms.

The Paris terror attacks were a grim reminder of how a small band of ISIS thugs could send a powerful political statement that left 130 people from the war-torn battlefields of Syria to the heartland of Europe.

The video showed the operatives plotting the bloody attacks while in ISIS-controlled area presumably in Syria before embarking on a trip back to Europe. Also, the terrorists appeared to have enjoyed doing a slew of atrocities. One such fighter in the video remorselessly behead a captive while saying 'Soon in Champs-Elysees' according to an article by The Daily Mail.

Wanton violence is currently a staple of ISIS media propaganda either to inspire fear and awe or both.

"Nothing will deter us, no threat will make France waver in the fight," remarked French President Francois Hollande when quizzed by reporters while in a state visit to India as quoted saying by BBC News.

In response to the threat posed by ISIS' stealth presence, EU countries have begun coordinating their policing efforts aimed at disrupting and neutralizing the organization's terrorist attacks in mainland Europe.

"So-called Islamic State has a willingness and a capability to carry out further attacks in Europe, and of course all national authorities are working to prevent that from happening," exclaimed Europol chief Rob Wainright as mentioned in a report by The Guardian.

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