Amy Schumer Receives Apology After Being Slammed For Stealing A Joke

By Jenn Loro - 22 Jan '16 11:28AM

Amy Schumer, who was earlier lambasted, for allegedly stealing someone else's joke can finally have her redemption as she received an apology from one of her accusers, Tammy Pescatelli during an appearance at the Jim Norton Advice Show on Thursday.

"I was the last to the party and I drank the most and was the loudest. I probably should have just stayed out of it and kept my mouth shut," she said in a report from EW.

"I went too deep. It went too far, and for that I'm super apologetic." Pescatelli went on as mentioned in Mirror.

It was said that there was an uploaded video targeting Schumer as somebody who recycled jokes from Pescatelli, Kathleen Madigan, Wendy Liebman, and the late Patrice O'Neal. The video's creator also include clips as evidence of Schumer's misconduct.

Comedians-- Wendy Liebman, Kathleen Madigan and Tammy Pescatelli also talked about the issue on Twitter earlier this week until it got to a point when Schumer want to clear her name and claims to be ready to offer evidence defending her side, The Hollywood Reporter said.

In one of Pescatelli's posts, she criticized Schumer for not practicing what she had preached.

"What has always been amazing to me is that she purports to be a feminist and yet only steals from other female comedians. If we call her on," Pescatelli said as mentioned in Mirror.

Pescatelli appeared in the TV show a day after the Train Wreck scriptwriter was also invited to talk in the show.

On Wednesday, Amy Schumer said, "I would never, ever do that, and I never have. I have to come up with so much material for my TV show, this movie, stand-up. And I'm so careful. And none of these things had ever reached me. I will literally take a polygraph. And I just would never do that. That would be so stupid for me to do that."

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