Ciara Receives Online Shaming For Dress Worn In The National Finals Games

By Jenn Loro - 14 Jan '16 11:09AM

Ciara made headlines not because of her superb singing of the Star Spangled Banner at the College Football Playoff Championship on Friday but on the allegedly inappropriate dress that promotes nudity in a family-oriented gathering.

The viral Twitter discussion started when critics such as former ESPN reporter Bonnie Bernstein slammed the singer's dress further saying that she is facing a national audience and 'kids are watching' the game, MTV reported.

"Dear Ciara. You're stunning. But this is a National Championship Game. Kids are watching. Cover up," the journalist wrote.

Fox Sports 1 reporter Jason Whitlock backed up Bernstein's stand but with some pretty positive comment about the songstress' voice.

"Appropriate, fair tweet. The dress was inappropriate. Her voice was more than enough. Why distract w/nudity?"

However, the discussion got more heated as others viewed the critics' comment as something that promotes misogyny and a double standard among women.

Washington Post collected some sarcastic, biting Twitter posts arguing that Ciara should be left alone to decide on her dress as there are far, more people who wore racy and revealing outfits during the event.

"Ciara has on more than the cheerleaders on the sidelines, does she not? Folks gotta relax."

"If your kid is too young to handle seeing Ciara in a dress they shouldn't be watching a game predicated on physical violence."

"I love how #Ciara is considered "nude" yet the cheerleader behind her is wearing less clothing. The more you know..."

When things got heated up, Bonnie Bernstein got on her defense saying, "Truly am amazed at how people take a tweet (that includes a compliment!) & wanna make it about race. Seriously. Grow up. Watch the game," she wrote as mentioned in Fox News.

Meanwhile, Ciara and her boyfriend Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson stayed away from the Twitter arguments.

"I see you baby!! Sounded amazing & looked flawless in every way! @Ciara," the athlete said.

The songstress also posted a video clip of her moment in the national football match with the caption "Grateful. What A Special Moment."

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