Clash of Clans Update: Supercell Confirms Town Hall 11

By Cheri Cheng - 28 Oct '15 09:33AM

Clash of Clans developer, Supercell, has confirmed that Town Hall 11 will be one of the updates for the highly successful mobile game.

Supercell reportedly made the announcement during the ClashCon 2015 event, which is the company's first ever event held specifically for Clash of Clans gamers. A video uploaded onto YouTube by PlayClashOfClans hinted that Town Hall 11 would bring "mysterious ancient technologies." into the game.

There will be new defensive buildings as well as a new defensive structure that looks like an eagle. The structure, which is currently unnamed, will let gamers use a highly concentrated area splash attack that can fend off both ground and air troops. The structure becomes activated after a certain number of troops enter a battle.

The video also revealed the silhouette of the new Hero, who looks like a Warlock. There were no other details provided in regards to the Hero. The new offensive unit will be based on a regular elixir and not the dark one that costs 6,000,000.

Yibada reported that gamers will be able to cover more surface area with the map size increasing to 44 x 44. The game is also going to introduce new dark troops and a fourth spell.

These updates, which were announced during the event, however, will not be the only ones. Server programmer Jonas Collaros teased that within the upcoming weeks, there will be even more sneak peaks of the game, which will include new content.

There is no official release date for the Clash of Clan updates. Rumors are claiming that the updates will be offered either in November or December.

ClashCon 2015 was held on Oct. 24 in Helsinki, Finland.

Clash of Clans is one of Supercell's most successful games. In 2014, the game brought in $1.7 billion in revenue.

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