Distant Star That Blinks Unusually Spurs Alien Talk

By Peter R - 16 Oct '15 13:37PM

It's a star unlike any other for it has both scientists and enthusiasts excited about the possibility of aliens.

The star KIC 8462852, first spotted by amateurs and then by NASA's Kepler telescope, 'blinks' unlike any other star in the data that scientists have gathered from it. Located about 1,500 light-years away, the light from the star inexplicably dims, reports Christian Science Monitor. While scientists postulate that large mass of particles swirl around the star, enthusiasts think it could alien megastructure around the star to harness its energy.

"I think it's worthwhile for people to point radio telescopes at the star and check. It's the best SETI target we have right now," astronomer Jason Wright told NBC News. SETI is an institute that searches for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Scientists are amazed by the star as it is old and mature enough to not remain enshrouded in gas of dust. They have not been able to explain what has been causing almost 22 percent of the star's light to be blocked; even giant planets may not be able to block more than one percent of a star, according to NBC News.

Scientists optimistic of finding life beyond Earth feel that strong indications could be obtained within a decade and definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years.

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