iPhone 7 Release Date Rumors: Apple's Next iPhone to Have Facial Recognition to Unlock the Phone?

By Staff Reporter - 30 Nov '14 16:36PM

Lots of consumers has bought an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in the latest Black Friday. However, many consumers are already waiting for the next iPhone 7 to come.

The iPhone 7 release date is coming faster than anticipated, and the iPhone 6s may even come sooner according to StableTimes.

Apple's faster release date of its new iPhone can be attributed to new plans like Verizon EDGE and AT&T NEXT which allow more frequent smartphone upgrades than the traditional upgrade plans which is 2 years.

According to Valuewalk, iPhone 7 is likely to be held back until a similar time of year as the release of the iPhone 6 due to strong sales in Christmas of 2014. This would mean an approximate September, 2015 release for the device.

Designer such as Martin Hajek has already mocked up of iPhone 7.

However, with all these rumors no one is sure if the next iPhone will be called iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s.

Apple in the past released the iPhone 5s & 5c between the fifth and sixth generations of the iPhone series. So there is a chance that we could witness an iPhone 6s.

Rumors indicate that the upcoming iPhone will also have a new display technology, as Foxconn Technology Co Ltd noted to be working on a new building exclusively for Apple.

Also rumors say that the iPhone 7 will have an incredible primary camera of 21MP, which will make pictures of a DSLR quality along with a new charger system with much powerful battery.

Another added feature might be facial recognition, which will be used to unlock your device instead of your finger print recognition.

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