Clash of Clans Update: What a $110 Ticket to ClashCon will Get You

By Cheri Cheng - 07 Oct '15 15:54PM

A $110 ticket, based on, for Clash of Clans' very first event, ClashCon, will get you food, drinks and a ton of gaming workshops including an exciting tournament.

ClashCon, which will be taking place in Helsinki, Finland on Oct. 24, will feature numerous activities ranging from discussions/panels to gaming update workshops that will reveal several new updates for the very popular mobile app.

These updates include:

1. Town Hall 11 and Level 8 Barbarians

Gamers will soon be able to upgrade to Town Hall 11. Right now, games can only get up to Town Hall 10. With this upgrade, gamers can also expect Barbarians to reach level 8.

"Each Town Hall upgrade changes how much loot you can get from raids, typically unlocks higher spell factories, more walls, and other things. Town Hall 11 also allows for higher troop, spell, and building updates," Gotta Be Mobile wrote.

2. Dark barracks

The dark barracks, which have the "coming soon" sign, are expected to be revealed. Some rumors are claiming that the barracks will unveil new powers.

3. Single Player Map

A single player map might also be introduced. The map will include new achievements and quests.

4. A New Hero

A third Hero might be added to the game on top of the King and Queen.

At the event, there will also be a tournament that will allow gamers to battle each other though a bracket system.

The last time Clash of Clans received updates was on Sept. 22 and 23.

Clash of Clans was Supercell's top-grossing game in 2014 when the company brought in $1.7 billion in revenue. Sueprcell's other highly successful games include Boom Beach and Hay Day.

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