Pokémon Go' Release Date and Rumors: Fans Ask If They Should Travel The World To Catch Pokemon

By Peter R - 03 Oct '15 12:28PM

Fans of Pokemon are torn between wishing for geographical exclusivity and easy access to Pokemon in Pokemon GO that is set for release early next year.

Pokemon GO makers have not revealed much but the teaser trailer has fueled discussions with fans wondering if they have to travel extensively to collect all major Pokemon. The trailer shows Pokemon in different regions of the world and that has left fans asking if they would have to shell out big money to travel and capture them.

On the other hand, fans are demanding that some Pokemon be exclusive. While some have asked for exclusivity by country or region, others have opined exclusivity could be introduced by climate, altitude or time of day, while ensuring that every country or region allows fans to collect most major Pokemon. Some suggestions include Pokemon restricted to a full moon night, grasslands or even volcanic regions!

Pokemon GO was announced on September 10 and the teaser trailer emerged immediately. In less than a month it has amassed over 17 million views.

Another popular fan expectation doing the rounds is Pokemon customization. Fans are wondering if levelling up allows them to add a touch of creativity or train their Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is set for a February release in 2016 for iPhone and Android devices.

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