Snapchat Emojis Meaning: What Does it Mean to be Someone’s Heart?

By Cheri Cheng - 02 Oct '15 15:54PM

By now, you might have noticed Snapchat emojis popping up next to some of your friends' names. For those of you who have not looked up what the emojis mean or have simply forgotten, here is a list of them and what they stand for.


1. Yellow

A yellow heart means that you send the most snaps to that one friend - dubbed the No. 1 best friend - and vice versa.

2. Red

The red heart means that you and your friend have been each other's No.1 best friends for two weeks in a row.

3. Pink

The pink hearts indicated that you have been best friends with the same person for two months in a row.


1. Face with Sunglasses

The face with sunglasses means that you two share a common best friend (you both send a lot of snaps to the same person).

2. Smiling Face

A smiling face indicates that you and this friend are also best friends, just not each other's No.1.

3. Smirking Face

This face means that you receive a lot of snaps from that person (you are that person's best friend) but you do not send him/her a lot in return.

4. Grimacing Face

The grimacing face means that your No. 1 best friend is also their No. 1 best friend.

5. Baby

The baby means that you just became friends with another user.


1. Gold Star

A gold star means that someone else has replayed your friend's snap within the past 24 hours.

2. Fire

Fire means that you have a streak going, meaning you have snapped this person every single day and they have snapped you back.

3. 100

100 indicated that your Snapstreak has been going on for 100 days in a row.

For more information about the emojis, particularly the ones that show up under the ghost icon (trophy case), visit the Snapchat website here.

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