Clash of Clans Latest Update: Supercell Talks ClashCon Event

By Cheri Cheng - 01 Oct '15 15:19PM

Fans of Supercell's game, Clash of Clans, cannot wait until the updates are revealed at the Oct. 24 ClashCon Gaming Event in Helsinki, Finland. Since the event is still weeks away, Supercell has been hyping up the event while giving thanks to the game's strong fanbase.

Marika Appel, the Community Manager at Supercell, recently spoke with

"Our fanbase is certainly genuine, and very, very dedicated. The reception of Clash of Clans has continued to surprise us since its launch three years ago and we think it absolutely shows that the lines between 'casual' and 'core' are not as clear as people once thought they were," Appel said. "Many of our players do play Clash casually, but we're also lucky enough to have a strong, dedicated community of players who spend a lot of time in the game, have built relationships with their clan members, set up events and meet-ups locally, and are always looking for new ways to strategize and play. ClashCon is all about the community, so we just want to create a fun and beneficial experience for our most dedicated players and celebrate them."

When asked if Appel though events like ClashCon is a representation of the "rise of Clash of Clans as an eEport," Appel replied saying "anything is possible." Appel added that they will always try their best to follow the game's community. This year they decided to host tournaments during ClashCon due to the increase in players who were playing the game competitively.

"We do think it's an amazing experience for our developers to be able to see first-hand how much of an impact the game they created has made," Appel added. "ClashCon is a celebration of our fans and an wonderful experience for our Clash of Clans team to meet some of the most dedicated players from all over the world and learn from them. The community has had an impact on game features, characters, updates, etc."

Appel revealed that if there were a demand for more gaming events, they would be opened to hosting more events in other regions of the world.

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