Prosecutor for Patrick Kane’s Rape Accuser Quits over Questionable Evidence

By Cheri Cheng - 25 Sep '15 13:46PM

The Patrick Kane rape case took a huge turn when the lawyer for the hockey player's accuser quit due to a questionable bag of evidence.

Attorney Thomas Eoannou told reporters that he was no longer comfortable representing that woman who accused the Chicago Blackhawks player of sexual assault after hearing the woman's mother report about how she found an evidence bag, presumably the rape kit.

Eoannou, who quit on Thursday, said there were "fabrications" in the story. He added that he was no longer sure if the evidence in the bag is real.

"I can only say that I don't know what's true and what's not true," Eoannou said during a quick news conference at his Buffalo, NY law office. "I received the storyline from the mother. And it's my position that I'm not comfortable with that version of the events."

Eoannou stated that this turn of events does not mean that the woman's allegations against Kane are false. Kane's attorney, Paul K. Cambria, released his own statement after Eoannou quit the case.

Cambria told The Buffalo News, "You can't trust anything about this case. This case needs to go away. It's tainted from one end to the other. It's obvious to me that Eoannou dropped out of the case because he was lied to by his client's family. They fabricated evidence. I told you yesterday that this whole thing was a hoax, and now it is obvious."

He added, during his own news conference, "People keep using the word victim, victim, and in my opinion, you don't know who the victim is until all the facts are in. ... This happening today is bizarre. Today, within 24 hours of these kind of astronomical claims yesterday, we now find out that they're false."

Kane was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his home in Hamburg, New York. Kane, who has not been charged, has maintained his innocence in this case.

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