When Surface Pro 4 Releases, You Can Choose to Buy From Dell or HP

By Peter R - 09 Sep '15 19:40PM

After efforts to sell Surface tablets to businesses came a cropper, Microsoft has turned to Dell and HP just before Apple launched its new iPad Pro on Wednesday.

According to Bloomberg Business, Dell and HP have agreed to sell Microsoft Surface tablets to businesses along with warranties and provide other services including support. Microsoft admitted that businesses have refrained from purchasing their tablets given that the company does not provide support and services like Dell.

"Microsoft realized that selling devices is harder than it looks. They can't do it alone. But it may [also] be part of a reduced device strategy," IDC analyst Al Gillen told Computer World. The move was termed unprecedented for Dell given that it has devices similar to Surface in its kitty.

Surface tablet lineup earned Microsoft $ 3.9 billion last fiscal which is said to be a very small share of the tablet market.

With the soon-approaching launch of Surface Pro 4, Microsoft may have just thrown the right switches to take on its competitors Apple and the ocean of Android tablet manufacturers.

Hot Hardware spotted discounts on Surface Pro 3 lineup for students, which is being interpreted as a sign to Surface Pro 4 arrival. Discounts up to $ 300 are reportedly being offered on marked down prices. Reports thus far have suggested the new Surface Pro 4 tablets could appear in two screen sizes and will be powered by big amount of RAM and storage.

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