Ink In Papyrus Revealing Christ's Marriage May Be Authentic

By R. Siva Kumar - 26 Aug '15 09:05AM

Examining the ink on an ancient papyrus of the 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife', in which the explosive finding that Jesus Christ had been married, may prove that it was authentic, according to dailymail.

The ancient Coptic is interesting, at least. But is it true? It reads: 'Jesus said to them, 'My wife'' and '...she will be able to be my disciple.'

Many experts pointing out its validity tend to strike a blow on the church.

The 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife,' was revealed at an academic conference in 2012. The Vatican and many others have called it "an absurd fake" but a few still consider it truthful.

Just a few sentences say something that has not been viewed in the canonical Gospels of the New Testament: Many lines say that some women at least might be his disciples---usually roles that were mostlyl male, according to the canons.

The text was shown first in 2012 by the Harvard Divinity School professor Karen King. She invited the discussion.

Many have denounced it as "fake", yet last year, carbon testing on the papyrus suggested that it was written between the fourth and eighth centuries and was "authentic".

New tests by researchers also authenticate it, yet little has been said.

One of those used a fragment from the canonical Gospel of John written in a Lycopolitan dialect.

At the time, some cross-comparisons show that the online John text was similar to the 'ancient' papyrus. Yet carbon dating of John's snippet showed that it was from the seventh to ninth centuries.

Interestingly, the Lycopolitan dialect was already dead---before the 6th century. Many experts said that it showed that the "whole collection was a fake".

James Yardley, a senior research scientist at Columbia University, told Live Science: the tests suggest that the 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' was written by someone else who also wrote John's papyrus.

He said, "The more recent results do confirm this observation strongly." But he did not comment further on the study: "We are still in the midst of our research and the conclusions are not finalised," he said.

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