Researchers prove Macbooks can be infected by Worms

By Ajay Kadkol - 04 Aug '15 13:01PM

 With the pride that Apple took for its computers, that their systems would be affected by any kind of virus or worms, some researchers prove that Macbook can still be affected by worms, just like any other computer working on the Windows platform.

Researchers Xeno Kovah, trammel Hudson and Corey Kallenbery have now revealed that Mac has same vulnerabilities as Windows PCs. The researchers have revealed that now a phishing email or click on a link on a malicious site can compromise the computer. The researchers also revealed that these exploits are difficult to detect as security software doesn't scan the firmware and reinstalling the system doesn't remove the problem.

Engadget pointed that, "The exploit highlights that firmware isn't typically encrypted out of the factory and doesn't authenticate updates from the manufacturers".

The revelation from the researchers came just before their 'Thunderstrike 2: Sith Strike' Black Hat presentation, which will an addition to the exploit that was shown and spread last year by the ROM of infected external drives and accessories such as Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter. The researchers have also conveyed the message to Apple, to patch up the problems.

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