Trevor Noah Not Nervous About Taking on the 'Daily Show'

By Ashwin Subramania - 31 Jul '15 08:34AM

Trevor Noah says that the thought of replacing John Stewart on the 'Daily Show' does not make him nervous.

Noah is set to take over the show on September 28 which is just two months after Stewart completes his last show on August 6.

During an interview with late night host James Corden, Noah described his state of mind by making a reference to one of the show's most popular segments.

"I'm still in the Moment of Zen," he joked. "I'm in a very chilled-out place right now. We're between two waves. There's the wave of the announcement and the wave of the launch of the show."

 "I'm a big fan of Jon Stewart. I'm a big fan of The Daily Show," he explained. "My dream was to go there and work with him for as long as possible. Then I got there and he was like, 'Right, I'm going'.

"It was a shock for everybody. You hear all the names being thrown out. The Chris Rocks, the Amy Poehlers. You're going, 'This is amazing. What's going to happen?'

"I was still going to be working on the show hopefully, and then they go, 'What about you?' Then you start thinking about it and you agree."

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