Washington DC Slowly Sinking into the Sea, Study

By Ashwin Subramania - 30 Jul '15 14:47PM

According to a new study, geologists are saying that Washington DC slowly sinking into the sea by a process known as 'forebulge collapse'.

Unless active steps are taken, the land which is sitting on a waterbed could gradually collapse over the course of a century.

Geologists are quick to point out that this phenomenon might have nothing to do with global warming.

"It's a bit like sitting on one side of a water bed filled with very thick honey," Ben DeJong, the lead author on the new study, said. "The other side goes up. But when you stand, the bulge comes down again."

For the study, the team of scientists analysed the different layers of sediments available on the land. These were later compared with computer models and satellite scans of the region.

The scientists predict that over the course of the next century, Washington DC could sink by 6 inches or more.

This development will not only increase sea levels but will also compromise the safety of various military and government installations in the region.

"Right now is the time to start making preparations," DeJong said. "Six extra inches of water really matters in this part of the world."

"It's ironic that the nation's capital-the place least responsive to the dangers of climate change-is sitting in one of the worst spots it could be in terms of this land subsidence," Paul Bierman, a UVM geologist told Science Daily. "Will the Congress just sit there with their feet getting ever wetter? What's next, forebulge denial?"

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