Ciara and Russell Wilson Relationship Rumors: Seattle Quarterback Refusing Sex With Singer

By Cheri Cheng - 07 Jul '15 16:06PM

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson revealed some very interesting information about his relationship with singer, Ciara. The quarterback said in an interview with Pastor Miles McPherson at the Rock Church in San Diego that he and Ciara have decided to abstain from sex for religious purposes.

"I said to her - and she completely agreed - 'Can we love each other without that?'" the 26-year-old athlete said. "If you can love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody."

Wilson also talked about how he met Ciara.

"I met this girl named Ciara, who is the most beautiful woman in the world. She's the most kind person, the most engaging person," Wilson said. "She was on tour, she was traveling, and I was looking at her in the mirror. God spoke to me and said, 'I need you to lead her' and I was like 'Really? Right now?' He goes, 'No, I want you and need you to lead her.'"

He continued, "I knew that God had brought me into her life to bless her and for her to bless me, and to bless so many people with the impact that she has, that I have. Nobody's perfect, but He's anointed us to do something miraculous, something special."

Wilson also jokingly said to the crowd that they should pray for him

"I ain't gonna lie to y'all now," he said, " I need y'all to pray for us. 'Cause I know y'all seen her on the screen now. If there's a 10, she's a 15."

Wilson and Ciara, 29, first sparked dating rumors when they were seen together over these past few months. In April, they held hands at the White House State Dinner and in June, they visited Seattle Children's Hospital together.

Wilson, who is a devout Christian, divorced his wife, Ashton Meem in April 2014. They were high school sweethearts.

Wilson is preparing for another season with the Seahawks while Ciara is busy promoting her new album, Jackie.

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