Microsoft Launches New Surface Pro 3 With Core i7

By Peter R - 02 Jul '15 08:23AM

To draw more buyers to its successful Surface 3 Pro hybrid tablet, Microsoft has introduced an entry Core i7 version by dropping price.

At $ 1,299, the new Core i7 variant has dropped price from $ 1,549 for earlier entry model, and now costs as much as an i5 Surface Pro 3. Techradar reports that the price drop is now without some loss in storage. The i7 model has only 128 GB while the $ 1,549 model has twice that. The model is meant to draw users who demand higher processing power at the cost of storage.

While pricing of the entry i7 is just about the same as an i5 model, the i5 processor is faster as it is clocked at 1.9 Ghz compared to the i7's 1.7 Ghz. However the i7 has a significantly higher turboboost clock spee and comes out on top under heavy usage. The i7 processor also boasts higher cache memory.

Compromising storage size for processing power is more desirable than the other way round as storage can be expanded with a microSD card, a USB drive or a wireless harddrive but processing power is what is already built-in. Microsoft sure knows that this can help boost sales.

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