AMD Unveils New Carrizon Chip, Aimed At Mid-Range Notebook Market, Brings 4K Support

By Kamal Nayan - 03 Jun '15 03:07AM

AMD has launchd a new processor that brings 4K video playback and decoding, video and photo editing and higher end gaming to relatively cheap notebooks.

The newly launched chips, called Carrizo and Godavari processors address the needs of mainstream notebook users that have morphed.

According to the company, the new 6th generation A-series Carrizo was pitched more at the Core i3 level but its on-board graphics capability was more akin to a discrete graphic card and gaming was one of its strong points.

AMD also claimed that the new chip set (codenamed A10-7870K) offers 3 times the battery life of the competition, a 5 fold improvement in encoding performance, and 2 fold improvement in video playback performance. It can also beat the performance of Intel 5500 graphics found on fifth-generation Core i5 processors.

The new chipsets would support Windows 10 security features through a discrete secure ARM core and AMD claims faster encryption/decryption than the competition with Microsoft Bitlocker.

According to Intel, its new 5th gene Core mobile processors are also optimized for gamers with Intel Iris Pro graphics 6200, and claims a two fold improvement in compute and graphics performance.

However, the jury will be out on how Carrizo measures up against new mobile chips announced yesterday by rival Intel at Computex until the benchmark tests are in.

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