Harrison Ford Flies Again After Fatal Plane Crash

By Maria Slither - 30 May '15 12:06PM

Harrison Ford flies for the first time three months after his fatal plane crash on March this year.

With the help of a co-pilot, the excited 72-year old flew his 2013 Bell 407 helicopter in the skies of Santa Monica for a couple of hours, People reports.

Before that, he was seen driving around Los Angeles in a Tesla.

"This is the first time Harrison was back at the airport since his scary crash landing," a source from People said.

"Harrison was very, very happy to be back at the airport. He kept smiling and, although walking with a slight limp, looked great."

Mirror said that the Star Wars star has explored 43 miles in the skies from Santa Monica to the Californian island of Catalina.

Another friend told the media saying that Harrison Ford was 'delighted and in 'good spirits' to do his hobby again.

"Harrison looked great. It was the first time he had even been to Santa Monica airport since the crash so he was really happy to see all of his friends there. He was given quite a welcome."

Steve Stafford, Ford's long-time friend and former flight instructor, has great faith in the actor's flying skills saying that he is equipped with the needed training and has experienced flying turbo jets and helicopters, E! Online said.

"He takes every flight he makes seriously, and I would trust him with my own family as his passengers today and in the future. The fact that he was able to 'dead stick' the plane back to a survivable landing is a lasting testament to his piloting abilities and his coolness under pressure," Stafford said.

Harrison Ford suffered a near-death accident on March when he is forced to make a force landing using vintage plane on a golf course.

Ford was treated for injuries in his spinal cord and pelvis.

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