German Mother of 13 Delivers Quadruplets at 65

By Peter R - 23 May '15 18:24PM

Defying odds and criticism, a 65-year old mother of 13 this week became the world's oldest woman to give birth to quadruplets in Germany.

Quoting local news sources, BBC reported that Annegret Raunigk gave birth to three boys and a girl by caesarean section on Tuesday, at 26 weeks pregnancy. Her condition is said to be stable and the newborns are said to have good chances of survival though they were born premature.

Raunigk got pregnant after fertility treatment in Ukraine as Germany does not allow such treatment. Her choice has stirred a debate in her country and divided opinion among doctors, with many criticising her for continuing a pregnancy with quadruplets given her age. However, Raunigk has maintained that she does not feel the need to confirm to age-stereotypes and is fit enough to become a mother again.

She also maintained that it was not the first time she had delivered a child after defying age. Her last child before the recent birth, a girl now 10 years old, was born when Raunigk was 55. She became pregnant naturally to give birth last time around and did not see why she cannot do it again when she feels up to it, Raugnik had said earlier.

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