Taylor Swift Wore $5,000 Balmain Jumpsuit, Not Knock Off Nasty Gal $78 Version

By Staff Reporter - 20 May '15 21:51PM

Retailer Nasty Gal is under fire after implying that Taylor Swift wore their $78 dress to the Billboard Music Awards show -- but as it turns out, she was actually wearing the real Balmain jumpsuit, which is worth $5,000.

The fast-fashion retailer posted on its social media accounts a photo of the popstar on the red carpet, claiming that she was wearing its own "Disco Inferno" jumpsuit - except she wasn't.

Swift's one-piece debuted on the catwalk during the spring/summer 2015 show, after which Nasty Gal - which was founded by retail entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, author of Girl Boss - released its own copycat version.

Since Nasty Gal quickly deleted their post, it's safe to assume that it was an error on their part and someone at the office mistook the expensive dress for their $78 knockoff.

However, Nasty Gal's jumpsuit which retailed for $78 was quickly sold out after they shared on social media that Taylor Swift "wore" one of their pieces.

The only pieces left is the black version of the jumpsuit.

"So, what are we to make of this?" legal commentator The Fashion Law said, according to Vogue. "We can certainly conclude one of two things. Either Nasty Gal is so good at copying other brands' garments stitch-for-stitch that even its employees cannot tell the difference between the real thing and the copy, or Nasty Gal knew that Swift was wearing Balmain and was using this opportunity to sell one of its near exact copies."

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