The $9 CHIP The 'Here, There and Everywhere' of Computers?

By Peter R - 09 May '15 19:13PM

Giving price consciousness a new definition, a $ 9 computer will start shipping in May 2016.

Called CHIP by its makers, the board-computer is as big as a credit and features 1 GHz processor on-board. It has 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of memory. While CHIP resembles a developer board more than a computer, it has faculties of one. It can be connected to a VGA or HDMI out and can also be used to run Linux. The computer comes with WiFI and Bluetooth to enhance connectivity.

According to Techcrunch, the board can be inserted into a handheld console called POCKET CHIP which features a touch-screen and a keyboard. While the board with a composite out costs $ 9 users will have to $ 19 for the VGA adapter and $ 24 for HDMI functionality.

Geek reports that CHIP uses an Allwinner SoC to drastically cut cost.

CHIP is not available immediately as it is a Kickstarter project. Crowd-funding has helped it gather around $ 200,000 exceeding the $ 50,000 funding target.

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