Google Nexus 6 explodes: Battery issue identified as main reason for explosion

By Ajay Kadkol - 03 May '15 13:26PM

Google's Nexus 6, which is manufactured by Motorola, has been the subject for discussion on account of its malfunctioning.

Most of the users of Nexus 6 have acknowledged that the battery of the smart phone swells up and the glued back panel of the phone opens.

A user from New Delhi, India tweeted that, while she was using the Nexus 6, the phone exploded. However, there was no fire. The explosion totally damaged the phone. The user has also uploaded the pictures on twitter and says that the battery of the phone was swollen and the phone had a problem with charging the battery. While the user was using the phone, with the phone lying on the ground, the phone exploded.

It is worth mentioning that a number of users have been reporting that the phone's glued back comes off due to the phone's battery swelling up and expanding.

 Motorola, which manufactures the Nexus 6 for Google, has even acknowledged the issue and has said that it has come across a number of users who've reported the issue and is offering replacements to affected users. Following the acknowledgement of this manufacturing defect, it's possible that perhaps Motorola and Google are working on fixing the problems before increasing the production of the phone.

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