YouTube's Acne Makeup Guru Discovers She Has TWO Working Vaginas

By Peter R - 01 May '15 13:05PM

A 22-year old San Francisco model, who gives tips on covering up acne to millions, has revealed she has two vaginas and has periods twice a month.

Cassandra Bankson, who has a huge following on YouTube for her make-up videos, recently learnt she had two vaginas, cervices and two uteruses but just one kidney after undergoing a scan for kidney pain. Bankson said it helped explain a lot of things including her nearly month-long periods but did not reveal details of her sex life.

"Ever since I was younger, even without knowing about this condition, I've gone to the doctor because I was bleeding for 23-28 days and I would have two periods a month," she explains. Or I would have crippling cramps, I couldn't move - or my bowels would just not want to behave because the cramps were so bad and mood swings," Bankson reportedly said.

Cassandra's condition, as her doctor explained, is called Uterus Didelphys. It is a congenital defect that starts out in the embryo. A normal uterus is formed when two tubes join into a single hollow organ in a developing fetus. However when the tubes do not join completely, a woman is left with two sets of reproductive organs.

Revealing her condition, the YouTube star said she wants to inform and help other women with similar conditions. Her doctors said that her condition may not affect chances of getting pregnant as many women with the condition only discover they have two sets of reproductive organs after getting pregnant.

For Cassandra, her diagnosis helped understand several things including helping rule out her condition to severe acne.

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