New Generation Wi-Fi capable of delivering 10 times the current speed

By Ajay Kadkol - 23 Apr '15 08:09AM

Researchers at the Oregon State University have discovered a new technology that boots the Wi-Fi speed by 10x the current speed.

The researchers have developed a system, in which, the data transmission takes place using light as a medium of transmission. Since light has the fastest and a coherent speed, when compared to other, in all mediums, this LED based system would help alleviate bandwidth issues that generally plague congested locations, for instance public places, offices, where there are a large number of users on the same hub.

The new wireless technology (WiFO), can theoretically transmit data up to 100 mbps, a speed that some of today's new standards can match. However, the WiFO is capable of delivering 50 to 100 megabits per second to individual users, while the current day systems are capable of delivering only one tenth of that speed per user.

The utility that would be derived from this system is much greater, as this technology is manufactured using relatively simple components such as photodiodes, which cost less than a dollar each.

Thinh Nguyen, an Oregon State University associate professor of electrical and computer engineering said, "In addition to improving the experience for users, the two big advantages of this system are that it uses inexpensive components, and it integrates with existing WiFi systems".

This system is soon expected to enter laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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