You Can Now Order Intel Compute Stick: $149 For Windows Version and $110 For Linux

By Kamal Nayan - 23 Apr '15 02:56AM

Intel Compute Stick, first unveiled at CES back in January, is now available for pre-order, costing $149 for Windows and $110 for Linux.

Intel Compute Stick is essentially a PC Stick - a processor and RAM embedded into a gum-pack-sized device that can connect to HDTV via an HDMI connection.

Intel's teeny-tiny PC includes a quad-core Atom processor and depending on whether you want the Windows 8.1 or Linux edition -- comes with up to 2GB of RAM and up to 32GB of onboard storage.

The Windows version is available to pre-order for $149.99 with a shipping date of May 8, while the Linux model runs $109.99 will be released on May 31.

Notably, the Compute stick ships with a 32-bit version of Windows 8.1, so don't expect to use any 64-bit programs with it.

Intel has also started sending sample units to tech reviewers.

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