No Raid in New Desinty DLC House of Wolves

By Dustin M Braden - 13 Apr '15 19:04PM

The hit video game Destiny gave its community cause to rejoice after announcing the release date of the newest expansion, House of Wolves.

Forbes reports that Bungie has chosen May 19 as the official release date for the new content. Unlike the first expansion, The Dark Below, the House of Wolves will give players an entirely new area called "The Reef." The Dark Below only allowed players access to new areas that players explored when they first got the game.

Players previously visited the Reef in an in-game cut scene, but that was it. Kotaku reports that unlike The Dark Below, House of Wolves will not contain a new raid, the difficult, lengthy challenges that typically require six players.

Besides The Reef, not too many concrete details about House of Wolves are known. It is safe to assume there will be new armor and weapons, but not much else. The new content will also serve as a test for Bungie.

When the first expansion was released, high level players were frustrated to learn that the gear they worked so hard to acquire in the Vault of Glass raid had become useless for two reasons. The first is that they were no longer the highest level players, although completing a raid enough times to get all the necessary gear was a rather difficult task. To add insult to injury, vendors in the game began to sell gear that was higher than Vault of Glass gear, allowing people to pass level 30 even if they hadn't beat the raid.  How Bungie deals with the leveling system could make or break the game's future.

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