Google's X Lab Working On Improving The Battery Technology For Gadgets, Says Report

By Kamal Nayan - 12 Apr '15 01:44AM

Google is reportedly working on improving the battery technology for its future gadgets. The team is being led by former Apple battery expert Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj.

Reportedly, the search giant expanded the group in 2013 to look at battery technologies that Google could develop itself.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the company has recently moved into industries such as transportation, health care, robotics and communications, designing physical devices that require efficient batteries and in CEO Larry Page's view, battery life for mobile devices is a 'huge issue' with 'real potential to invent new and better experiences.'

Google team working on improving the battery technology is mainly focusing on advancing the current lithium-ion technology.

According to reports, Google has at least 20 battery-dependent projects.

However it's not only Google that's focusing on improving the battery. Companies like Apple, Tesla Motors and International Business Machines Corp are also working in the related area, but so far they've able to achieve only incremental gain.

Recently, Stanford scientists claimed to have developed an aluminum-ion battery that is economical, safer and has wider applications in consumer and medical purposes.

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