HBO's 'Going Clear' Documentary Criticized For Lacking Corroboration And False Statements; Church Of Scientology Says Religious Groups Never Harmed Its Ex Members

By Maria Slither - 30 Mar '15 10:33AM

Reps of the Church of Scientology recently released a statement saying that Alex Gibney is desperate and is making up claims resorting to aspects that lack proof about the religion in the new HBO documentary 'Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief', reports from The Wrap said.

"Alex Gibney is proving to be exactly like the sources in his film-no accusation is too irresponsible to make. It doesn't matter if he lacks corroboration and proof, it's all about promoting his movie.

Each and every one of the allegations in your questions is absolutely false and rejected. Alex Gibney is getting desperate and is now resorting to ludicrous, made-up claims. The Wrap should ask him for his proof," says the opening paragraphs of the lengthy statement.

The film which had its premiere in the Sundance Festival last month is said to have generated a lot of buzz unearthing issues in Hollywood including the religion's alleged role in breaking apart Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage.

In a previous report from The Wrap, Alex Gibney claimed that former church members including Marty Rathbun, publicist Sylvia "Spanky" Taylor, Tom De Voct and director Paul Haggis have received death threats from the Scientology Church since the airing of the documentary.

"Most of the real vitriol is for the people who were in the film. They've received threats of physical harm, threats of having their homes taken away, threats of being forced into bankruptcy. They're being followed by private eyes and surveilled," Gibney said.

The Church of Scientology rep answered this claim saying, "First, there has not been one physical or financial threat of harm from the Church to anyone. These are more lies from the same admitted liars who Gibney glorifies in his film."

HBO's "Going Clear" is based on the Lawrence Wright, "Going Clear" and is meant to explain what the religion is all about and how it affects lives of Hollywood celebrities who are members of the church, Huffington Post said.

Huffington further enumerated allegations against the Church Scientology that have been depicted in the film including L. Ron Hubbard'a Scientology creation story and hs indulgement with Black Magic. Also, "Going Clear" also talks about forced camps, slavery and punishment.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" can be seen on HBO on Monday, March 30 at 9PM.

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