Girls Are Being Lured Through Handsome 'ISIS Candy' Men

By R. Siva Kumar - 04 Mar '15 19:33PM

The Islamic State (IS) uses handsome rakes with adventurous magnetic lure for young British Muslim girls, so that the IS can increase its army in Syria and Iraq, according to

Associate Professor Dr Alvin Ng explained to Asia News One that the handsome photographs are used to pull in women who tend to be "short-sighted".

"Hot-blooded girls and hot guys, especially those from troubled homes, may be drawn to a sense of adventure as they try to escape to what they believe would be a better place," Dr Ng said in the Asia News One. "Youngsters who feel like an outcast in their own home or community may feel that they belong elsewhere, and will likely go."

Social media techniques, such as Twitter, Facebook and are used to attract women. About 10 percent of the 600 British Muslims who have crossed over to the militants are women, explain the Quilliam Foundation.

Releasing a 2014 report the Foundation explained that "the promise of an Islamist utopia" lured women. "Many of these girls are not allowed out, or to do certain things in society," Haras Rafiq, the managing director told Reuters. "When they are online, they are being targeted with messages of empowerment."

Explained a former female militant to BBC: "As a teenager, I wanted to get my piece of eye candy and I'd take a good look, and all the YouTube videos, for some reason, they (the militants) were all really, really attractive," said Ayesha (name changed).

She is in her early 20s now, and was first contacted by extremists through Facebook when she was in high school.

One man told her that she was beautiful, and had added: "Now's the time to cover that beauty because you're so precious." She was warned against identifying her face or calling herself British.

Finally, she moved away from a movement that gave "no justice to women." Moreover, she was disgusted when told to "go and kill someone that's non-Muslim."

She revealed her experience when she got news of three British schoolgirls crossing the Turkish border into Syria to join IS ranks. Having become radicalized online, they just left their families to join the terror group.

Jihadist brides are sourced from this area, and wed extremists who are fighting the group's war in Syria and Iraq.

One Chechen IS militant had put up photographs of militants on Facebook with the caption: "Interested in any in the picture? The men here are handsome."

Most girls are drawn to the IS due to its "sense of adventure, social acceptance and belonging." For instance, Sally Jones, 45, a British mother-of-two who joined the IS along with her 10-year-old, recruits women through Twitter, promising them "an awesome life."

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