Spider-Man Is America’s Best Marvel Superhero, Claims Recent Survey

By Kanika Gupta - 18 May '16 14:46PM

Chris Evans, playing Captain America, may have hit the headlines with recent success of "Captain America: Civil War." However, that alone is not enough to make the cut for America's superhero. According to an online survey, Americans' top preference is the Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, British actor, in the recent "Captain America: Civil War."

According to a social consumer web platform, an online survey was conducted that asked thousands of Americans about who their favorite Marvel superhero was. The results revealed that actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, both played Spiderman characters, were America's top choice as the best superhero.

Right behind Peter Parker, aka Spiderman as the best superhero by Marvel Comics, the next one in line was Wolverine, aka Logan and Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, grabbing second and the third spot respectively. Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, was in the fourth spot, while Hulk, aka Bruce Banner, ranked fifth.

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But why does America love Spiderman so much? He is undeniably the best superhero of all time and has a huy-next-door personality that many can relate with. He also has reasonable superpower with a great sense of humor.

"Batman and Iron Man are billionaires, Superman is an alien, Thor is a god, Hulk is a super-scientist, and so on and so on. But Spidey's just a regular kid who had great responsibility thrust upon him and rose to the challenge," the website stated.

There are also reports that the most favored fictional superhero of America will be introduced again in "Spiderman: Homecoming," after gaining lot of adulation for his role in "Captain America: Civil War." The movie is due to be released next year.

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