A New Theory On Jane Austen's Death May Be Arsenic Poisoning According To A Research

By Carrie Winters - 13 Mar '17 06:06AM

A new theory about Jane Austen's death has emerged. It seems that the famous author died because of poison. It can be recalled that Jane Austen died at the age of 41.

According to a report, a new study conducted at the British Library suggested that Jane Austen died of arsenic poisoning. The researchers at the Library together with London optometrist Simon Barnard examined three pairs of glasses that belonged to Jane Austen. It indicated that Jane's eyesight gradually deteriorated in her last years.

The deterioration of Jane Austen's eyesight suggested cataracts. The cataracts found may also be caused by arsenic poisoning. Sandra Tuppen, a curator of archives and manuscripts from the library shared that if Jane had cataracts she may have suffered from accidental poisoning. This may be from heavy metal like arsenic.

Tuppen also noted that Jane Austen did have a problem with her sight since she always referred to weak eyes. There are more speculations on arsenic poisoning towards the author's death. In fact, it is indicated in the report that the last pair of glasses belonging to Jane had been so strong that she may have almost lost her sight then.

A report indicated that arsenic poisoning may have been the cause of death of Jane Austen is because of evident skin pigmentation on her face. There also are suggestions that the substance may have been from her medication for her rheumatism.

All three pairs of glasses have different levels of strength. As Jane aged, each pair of glasses may have become stronger. The arsenic poisoning is just one theory on how the author died then. There may be other angles on the cause of her death.

Meanwhile, there may also be other reasons for Jane Austen's death aside from arsenic poisoning. Arsenic poisoning may be one of the possible causes but it cannot be concluded yet. There needs to be more research that has to be done in order to get the right cause of death.

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