'Middle Earth: Shadow Of War' News & Update: First Gameplay Revealed, New Game Is Bigger Than The Previous One

By Carrie Winters - 13 Mar '17 08:01AM

"Middle Earth: Shadow of War" is revealed to be bigger than its previous games. The first gameplay of the game has also been released. This is the next game following "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor."

According to a report, "Middle Earth: Shadow of War" brings in bigger features for the game. The game will give players more options on skills. There are over a hundred skills added to the game. This means that play styles within the game are varied.

"Middle Earth: Shadow of War" promises more explorations. There is an open-world in each fort from the game. There are also new enhancements to the combat and there are additions to the Celebrimbor. Additionally, Talion will be able to control siege weapons in the upcoming game.

There are also new characters to be introduced in "Middle Earth: Shadow of War" from "Lord of the Rings." There also will be expansions and DLC's that will enhance the game further. For players that like to move on a more challenging level, there are also higher difficulty levels that are added.

A report indicated that "Middle Earth: Shadow of War" is set in between the events that happened in "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings." Players will encounter more heroes and villains from the story as integrated into the game.

"Middle Earth: Shadow of War" has a more personal and richer gameplay. The players will be getting the feel of the game with more of the characters in it. There will be more iconic locations and the new cast of characters in the game.

Meanwhile, a new gameplay has been released for "Middle Earth: Shadow of War." This walkthrough focuses on the Nemesis system for the sequel. The previous game's Nemesis system has been expanded in the new game.

"Middle Earth: Shadow of War" will be released on August 22. It will be available on Xbox One, Project Scorpio, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and windows 10.

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