'Super Mario Run' Available Soon For Android Users; Security Warnings To Be Considered Before Downloading

By Carrie Winters - 03 Jan '17 07:04AM

Nintendo is set to release the "Super Mario Run" for Androids. It is reported that there are security threats that users need to consider before downloading the game.

It can be recalled that "Super Mario Run" has been released for iOS in December. The game had a one-time charge of $9.99 for downloading, and then it is free to play right after. The game has already been downloaded by users of iOS.

By the time that "Super Mario Run" has been released for iOS, it has been reported that the game will also be released for Android users soon. But at this time, users are warned for fake Android apps for the said game.

It is reported that the "Super Mario Run" may be available in Google Play Store; however security experts are warning users not to download the game yet. There are currently third party apps asking users to download the game.

Experts indicate that these apps are not yet the official "Super Mario Run" for Android. It is indicated that these are apps when downloaded will only provide malware to the smartphones. Once the apps available for Android are being downloaded there are several pop-ups that show up.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that Nintendo has an offer of a pre-registration for "Super Mario Run" on Google Play store. This enables Android users to expect that the game will be readily available once it is officially released.

There is not much information as of yet about the game for Android users. It is likely that there will also be a certain one-time fee to download. "Super Mario Run" has been a hit when it first was released for iOS users.

Reports indicate that millions have downloaded "Super Mario Run" to the iOS devices and has been played by many. There is no official release date for the game on Android as of yet.

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