New Law Regulates Selling Of Cough Syrup To Minors; Teens Found Abusing Medicine To Get High

By Carrie Winters - 03 Jan '17 06:56AM

A new law is out from prohibiting teenagers under the age of 18 to buy cough syrups. The law is already in effect and it does not allow minors to buy the cough syrups over the counter.

According to a report, the Senate Bill 938 is the law that gives prohibitions for selling medicines that contain dextromethorphan to those less than 18 years old. There also must be checkout identification for those who will buy the medicine for ages 25 and below.

It is reported that this type of medicine is mostly for cough syrups. It is prohibited so to lessen the abuse of the medicine. Some of the young generation use cough syrup as a drug or is mixed with different substances.

Additionally some teenagers are using the medicine to get high. There is a possibility of an abuse and may cause towards addiction. The law is hoped to lessen the frequent abuse for teenagers of cough syrups . This law can regulate on the supply for the said medicine.

It is likely that the cough syrup can be sold only to those of legal age and can be used on the right purpose. Suppliers and manufacturers of the products with dextromethorphan are to abide by this new law.

Meanwhile, one of the pharmacies already has grouped the medicines which contain dextromethorphan and has been labeled 'ID required.' Most of the teens are abusing the medicine that contains 'dex.' In fact, Pharmacist Paul McMellon shares that most teens drink the medicine in order to have a certain robo-tripping. This leads the user to be in a state of euphoria and will then lead to having hallucinations. McMellon adds that this state may cause certain complications for the teenagers.

There is also an exemption for those below 18 years old. They may buy the medicine that contains dextromethorphan but must have an order from a licensed prescriber.

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