Nintendo Switch News, Updates: Top Anticipated Gaming Console Nintendo Switch To Get GameCube Games Support; Games To Be Included Named

By Maria Follet - 09 Dec '16 05:50AM

While PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One gamers have already experienced playing GameCube Games, one exciting thing which has thrilled fans of the game company is its possibility of getting integrated in Sony's next release: the Nintendo Switch.

This is brought about by requests of gamers to see GameCube Games go live on Virtual gaming consoles. This news is making a big noise since this is the first time that Nintendo is actually paying attention to the idea. That means, previous Nintendo gaming consoles never had any GameCube support installed in them.

Some of the games mentioned that are to be included in Nintendo Switch's lineup of GameCube games are Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Mario Sunshine - that's pretty much the some of the best GameCube games available in the market. Add to that: GameCube lifestyle sim Animal Crossing is also eyed to be included in Nintendo Switch. Because of this, critics have come to realize that Sony might probably saw the possibility of integrating Wii U's GameCube controller adapter with the Switch.

By looking at the horde of games available fifteen years ago, reports say that the following games might also see light through Nintendo Switch's GameCube support: Eternal Darkness, Kirby Air Ride, Metroid Prime, Viewtiful Joe, P.N. 03, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg, Custom Robo, 1080 Avalanche, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

These rumors are quite close to home since the rumor handler-publisher (Eurogamer) has leaked some information about the Switch long before Nintendo divulged the details about the gaming console.

However, of course, gamers should still wait for Nintendo's official announcement. To recall, there was a time in 2012 when a Nintendo executive announced the possibility of GameCube games to appear on Wii U's Virtual Console, however, it never really happened. Gamers can only hope for the best that Nintendo is finally gearing up towards that direction now.

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