'Watch Dogs 2’ Guide: How to Hack like A Pro

By Mara T - 02 Dec '16 05:36AM

The "Watch Dogs 2" is a game that's all about hacking so it's not surprising that the game enables players to discover new ways in hacking. From hacking people, vehicles, networking bypasses and much more. So this article is written to help players find out everything they can hack and how to do it.

Botnet Resources

First and foremost, players have to be well-acquainted with their Botnet. It is the small icon located in the bottom-right corner of the screen and players rely on it when they need to hack anything in the game. Every hack has a corresponding number of resources consumed so players will need to fill it up after every use. Players should also unlock the capacity increase of Botnet so they get to hack more systems throughout the game.

Hacking Objects

In "Watch Dogs 2", players can also hack all objects found in the game and it's very easy to do it. Players just need to hold the Hack button while centering on the item to successfully hack it. The player will know their hacking was successful when the hacking module comes up and gives the player what they can do with the object.

Hacking People

Another great feature that "Watch Dogs 2" allows in the game is hacking people. Hacking people is the same with hacking objects and player will also have options to choose from once the hack is complete. When hacking people, the player can acquire information like phone number or listen to conversations, acquire their Botnet resources, acquire bank account and even detonate a bomb if the player's enemy has one on them.

Hacking Vehicles

Hacking vehicles is also possible in "Watch Dogs 2". A successful hack allows the player to control the car remotely regardless of the distance, park it to create a block on the road, or even target a moving car and force it to go in another direction. To hack a car, players just need to back up, look to the left, then forward and then right.

Hacking Systems and Networks

"Watch Dogs 2" of course lets the player hack access key locks to open doors by using a laptop, closed-circuit terminals by just holding down the hack button, hacking bypass networks by moving conduit nodes into specific positions to unlock and the mass hack that allows the player to do mass havoc in the game. To do a mass hack, players must hold the directional pad and then choose an option from the equipment wheel. Then activate the option by pressing the mass hack button.

Last but not the least is the Nethack that allows the player to see everything in a different aspect. It's almost like having access to every security camera in the game, RC drones in the area, and cameras that go through walls. This makes it easier for the player to make a plan how to get in an area.

The easiest way for a player to know if an item is hackable is when its color blue while red means it is locked. Orange signifies it holds an important intel while Gray means the item can be moved.

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