'Final Fantasy 15’: How to Unlock and Ride a Chocobo in the Game

By Mara T - 02 Dec '16 05:36AM

One of the iconic creatures in every Final Fantasy game is riding a Chocobo which can also be done in "Final Fantasy 15". Although the game has revolutionalized ways of transportation in FF world, sometimes it's just better to travel with a Chocobo. And this guide will provide exactly how to unlock Chocobo and ride it in the game.

Reach Chapter 3 of "Final Fantasy 15"

As players get to Chapter 3 of "Final Fantasy 15", their character will be going to Lestallum City but will have a stopover at the station of Alstor Coernix. In this area, Prompto will recommend the group to drop by at the nearby Chocobo Post to experience riding them. Although not everyone in the team will agree, everyone goes with Prompto's wish which will trigger the start of the "Friends of a Feather Quest"

Going to the Chocobo Post in "Final Fantasy 15"

Players just need to follow the signs to get there. Once there, talk to Wiz where he will tell the player that riding Chocobo has been temporarily postponed due to a vicious creature sighted in the area. This creature is the Deadeye and Wiz will not risk his Chocobo until that is taken care of.

The Quest to Hunt Deadeye in "Final Fantasy 15"

Of course, it is up for the players to hunt Deadeye and solve the problem. But before players get started with the hunt, talk to Wiz again so the players can get the group's busy with something else as the player go for a hunt. Then accept the "A Behemoth Undertaking Quest" to find Deadeye and solve the problem. Once this is complete, go back to Wiz to claim the prize.

Chocobo Whistle in "Final Fantasy 15"

The prize for helping Wiz with his problem is a Chocobo Whistle that allows the player to have access to Chocobo renting service all around Eos. This feature is not available before this quest is completed. All the players need to do now is go to any Chocobo renting station and rent one in "Final Fantasy 15".

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