'Sister Wives' Season 8 News & Update: Kody And Meri's Split Confirmed? Catfishing Scandal To Blame?

By Sam Will - 01 Dec '16 17:25PM

"Sister Wives" Season 8 is expected to include more drama as Kody Brown and Meri's feud worsen. There are speculations that the two are on the verge of splitting.

Kody Brown and Meri have a challenging family setup due to its polygamous nature. While every woman wants to be the only one in their husband's life, Meri can't demand so with Kody, who has three other wives, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. Their reality show, "Sister Wives" follows the family's setback and celebrations with this arrangement.

Meri is Kody's first wife and they were legally married. The two constantly fight and even ended in a divorce. However, the divorce was to give Kody the chance to marry Robyn, his fourth wife. As the first wife, Meri has her insecurities to her sister wives and this is affecting her relationship with Kody.

Meri and Kody are planning to split, the Hollywood Gossip reported. The relationship of the pair is going south. The report says that Meri is jealous with her sister wives. However, some sources believe that Kody wants to have more children with his first wife but she couldn't get pregnant. Meri is also reportedly not interested in getting medical assistance with her fertility.

Things get worse between the two "Sister Wives" reality stars when Meri admitted that she had chat sessions with a male, who turns out to be a catfisher because the person on the other end was a woman. Meri told People that the catfisher sounded like a Southern man.

The two were enjoying each other's company that they laugh a lot and were flirting. Meri even got to the point of telling the other person "I love you." However, it was just nothing for her as she still believed in her marriage with Kody. However, the catfishing scandal had a negative effect on Meri's relationship with Kody and the rest of the Browns, including their daughter, Mariah.

Meanwhile, Starcasm reported about Meri and Kody's conversation in the previous season of "Sister Wives" where he feels that she is pushing him away. "They had given up on their marriage but were afraid to pull the trigger on a divorce," the report noted.

Do you believe that Kody and Meri are about to split? Is this really happening? Will the pair eventually announce their split in the next "Sister Wives" episode? What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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