Is Jennifer Lawrence Engaged? Will The Wedding Bells Ring Soon?

By Mary Lourd - 01 Dec '16 21:40PM

The 26-years-old American actress, Jennifer Lawrence and Film director Darren Aronofsky, 47, went on public with their romantic relationship just last month. The couple got close right after working with a project which has not yet been titled.

Everything seems going well with the two as they were photographed in New York, walking while holding hands and sweet kisses in the lips according to an online publication. Many assumed that they are already getting it to the next level. Some say that it is still early for Lawrence and Aronofsky to settle down. Before the two got into a relationship, Lawrence was with Chris Martin, Coldplay's frontman, while Aronofsky was once engaged to The Mummy actress, Rachel Weisz, whom he had a son.

It was just recently when rumors about their starting romance went out and no one has confirmed it yet during that time but was always spotted having a date and paying a visit with each other. No wonder they get along since both of them are in the film industry and both were recognized with their works with the nominations they received.

Speculations fired up when the "Hunger Games" Star Lawrence was spotted around Madrid and some other occasions with the flashing new ring which she still wears even if it doesn't fit some of her outfits every time she's out. The actress left the fans wondering if she is soon to be Mrs. Aronosky. Also, a lot of photographs were captured as the actress is wearing the said engagement ring.

Fans of the said relationship were in dismay as Jennifer Lawrence representative released a statement that the actress is not engaged with Darren Aronosky who is also an environmentalist. Meanwhile, Lawrence continued to left the puzzle unresolved to deepen the mystery of their relationship as she replaced the ring for another accessory during the promotion of her upcoming movie Passengers. After all, it is still early to say, but only time can tell.


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