'Criminal Minds' News: Season 12 Episode 7 Recap, Mr. Scratch On The Loose & The Next Target Maybe One Of The BAU

By Leby Nightray - 01 Dec '16 17:55PM

The "Criminal Minds" tv series  might be struggling in keeping the viewers from watching the show after writing off Thomas Gibson's character, Hotch, from the show. After all the hiatus about the issue, the "Criminal Minds" is back on track and the focus, for now, will not be about Hotch and Jack, but Tara.

Last Wednesday's "Criminal Minds" Season 12 Episode 7 had a lot of scenes with Dr. Tara Lewis, a short recap will be provided and spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the latest episode yet. The episode had Dr. Tara Lewis expecting to meet her estranged brother Gabriel, unfortunately, the reunion was a complete bum as she was met by Desmond (Alimi Ballard) who acted as Gabriel and knows everything about her family.

In "Criminal Minds" , Mr. Scratch had finally returned and is connected with the deception. Mr. Scratch brainwashed Desmond into believing he's Gabriel while he has the real Gabriel in his hands. Luckily Tara got through to Desmond and had the BAU save Gabriel.

The latest "Criminal Minds" episode have that new feel as Thomas Gibson has been written off and may not be seen again in the show. BAU unit Chief Emily Prentiss though can be seen in the new light  as she reigns over the team. Paget Brewster, the actress who plays the role of Emily Prentiss received a lot of praise according to a statement of Tyler which is the team's new head honcho. Everyone was just really excited for her.

The "Criminal Minds" episode resolved the issue of Dr. Tara's family especially the fake Gabriel but Mr. Scratch is still on the loose  so it's not really something that would give complete relief although it is a relief nonetheless. Gabriel was managed to be freed before the nails shot down on him and then everyone was safe and that Dr. Tara's family was reunited.

"Criminal Minds" will probably deal with Mr. Scratch more and the members of BAU might have to keep their guard up as the next target may be one of them. The return of Mr. Scratch and the witness protection for Hotch and Jack may be the turning point for a great "Criminal Minds" episodes.

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